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A forever She's I laughed I laughed because we're having this conversation last night on the okay, so someone was asking, but it's a it's a one which I normally would purchase, but I like them, yeah a lot of the stuff that we got from Sheehan came directly from their warehouse as returns or you know whatever it was it was out of its package.

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Go fof and throw my short underneath this and I love this look now um cute little purse. Our phone is actually ringing. This is just a little cold shoulder. Thank you for saying that um fuck my life I need entertainment seriously like let's just let's just escape. So warm, it's like even our air conditioner doesn't like wanna keep up with it.

It is a community it is about body positivity. Oh my God I love when people come in for the first time.

It's very cute and very like it's fun but how they're doing but. I'm not feeling that great. I'm not looking for any kinky or gross stuff.

Cute thick girl looking for fun tonight

I bought this little like Shorty thing Little wrestling match um. Love the job.

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In the three X here we go. I cuts this little yellow one and I have a little black one. This is how it is I'm sorry um anyways, okay we are gonna try to just like throw stuff on describe it. Been here, please make a journey to the mecca of the West Coast and uh come and shop with us and if you can't be here for a live for some reason uh you can us on our Instagram stories every single day we do a compilation of everything that's coming in that day that night that week um because of the nature of what we do It changes very quickly also keeping.

Ready to go in and search. It's really cute and this uh black and white top is very good for a lot of sexy secretary situations.

Cute thick girl looking for fun tonight

This is item two uh uh we're not in Laso Park where I keep forgetting. I like the little bit to its sleeve um.

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Tonightt25, Latina. Please put today's weather conditions in the heading so I can weed out spam. This is what I need This far as I grow my keys in there go my mask. So comfortable.

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I love the crop top. Can you see the button? It's all trickery Okay and then this is perfect for summer for. It's sort of a fishnet or a fence. Doll pants size Thcik X and what you see the chocolate is a brand. Alex is here today your sweetest little shop in the world to come, say hi, she has beverages for you. It's definitely a little snug on me.

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They're so comfortable. Lately I've been really wanting to be with a women. Hey Marina.

Cute thick girl looking for fun tonight

These are so cute, I have this in blue pink and green. Oh, I'm all of the legs. This is really cute.

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So um but I love it super cute great people. I am Wilder. I won't respond without a of yourself. It I don't know I need I need some.

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