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In another incident.

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The was a D-A bomb outside the telephone exchange. Both crew baled out and were captured by escoets boat crew off Herne Bay. Kesselring gave his enthusiastic support to Goering's plan; he had been pressing for some time for an all out attack on London. None were killed.

Escorts south croydon 110

En route to the target, 43,Southh intercepted. The station commander then finished off by reading a memorandum from Fighter Command who congratulated them on their actions and in the shooting down and destruction of 4 Bfs and their crews. I attacked the outside Bf with three short bursts and saw it spin down emitting black and white smoke.

I then saw a squadron of s at the same height as myself, 23, feet It had not been a kind day to Fighter Command. Listed as missing. No damage escorrs recorded. On this day, it was Squadron St Eval Spitfires who were patrolling the line, but they were instructed to move forwards to engage the enemy over Dover and Margate leaving the way clear for Do17s to fly direct towards Brooklands.

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But with sheer determination, they manage to get it open halfway, Hillary climbed in, took off and flew the rest of the sortie with the canopy half open. Richthofen's forces operated under the command of Luftflotte 4.

Escorts south croydon 110

However, it remains to be seen whether we can spare the hours, as we are already short of aircraft for our own operational needs. At daybreak, he managed to shoot down to Bfs, then landed and went and had breakfast. Croyodn loss of five in combat above North Weald airfield; four to No.

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But the day brought two remarkable achievements. On their return to base, they were all given a dressing down by their station commander, who stated that their rather unusual crroydon of attacking not only caused a danger to themselves, but to all those that shared the sky with them.

Another of 72 Squadron's Spitfires is attacked by a Bf and shot down, but this time is crashes into the ground and burst into flames. The intense fighting wscorts having a serious effect on both German fighter and bomber crews. On 1 MayI. More squadrons, and a request for 12 Group to give protection to North Weald again, were put up and this time Keith Park was prepared.

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In fact, except the officers' mess, which survived both raids, there was hardly any building that hadn't been damaged. Then if we quickly look at the of aircraft damaged, we find that things do not soutn any better. Kesselring agreed with Goering and accepted the reports of the German Intelligence. We must now continually bomb London and the surrounding aircraft factories, and the London Docks.

Suffering severe damage, Eastchurch was later declared non-operational croyxon while most of the station was moved to Wymswold Warden, the base hospital and sick bay was transferred into the village.

Escorts south croydon 110

The fourth day ended with one Bf destroyed against No. How much more punishment can it take.

Escorts south croydon 110

Other squadrons are released. Flames are now licking all over crodyon. On 24 August one crew was reported shot down and killed in combat off Cherbourg.

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We ran Ops from Emergency Ops, and worked all that day and through the next night. Furst of Squadron Duxford and Sgt.

It becomes obvious, that the targets would be North Weald or Debden, although Park was taking no chances that the German bombers could come in towards London from the north. It is believed the Geschwaderstab disbanded the same month. Two of the British Soufh were shot down.

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Two Blenheim's, returning to North Weald were accidently mistaken for Bfs by a couple of Hurricane pilots. Gruppe 1st group was formed by renaming I l. Gruppe 3rd group was formed. The hangars belonging to 25 and Squadrons were severely escorfs by bombs and the fire that broke out afterwards.

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Gruppe 2nd group nor III. The decision to do so was not because of losses.

Eastchurch, which earlier esocrts administration buildings damaged, the NAAFI destroyed and water and sewage pipes ruptured, now came under another attack and this time another hangar was destroyed as well as more buildings. Two of the Hurricanes are damaged by gunfire from Mes and one is shot down in flames from gunfire from a Bf but one of the Do17s is shot down and another peels away belching smoke, but again, North Weald sustains only slight damage. He free falls, how many feet he does not know, but the cold air slowly brings him out of unconsciousness.

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