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I love swimming in the fck. I'm also a smartass through and thruog. I am currently a student and also a musician. If you are curious to know more then get a hold of me!

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Im new at dating thing and have decided to see what is out there. Meeting new people has never been difficult for me. I just remembered Someone who is very respectful of women and of himself.

Life is too short, and Im not going to let it go by without a fight. I'm not afraid to say it like it is!

Jackson fuck buddy

Last but not least I'm blessed with a family that I love and miss. I live my life the best I can and strongly believe in karma.

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People change, Things go wrong I have a passion for motorcycles I'm ON for lovemaking tonite. I'm away from them wright now, faaar faaaaaarrrr away. I am in dire need of a guy who has a great smile, nice pair of seductive eyes, good smell, and someone who can provide for himself. I trust my intuition and give more than I ask from my friends to whom I'm very loyal, always willing to help.

Life Goes On mr aust. Always forgave, But never forgot I hope this will be easier to pick guys up than in clubs and stuff.

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Love what I got, And remember what I had What's up my buddy is Will and I just moved to nashville from Los angeles. I take the good with the bad Smile with the sad I am not looking for a hook up, I want someone who can be my fuck boyfriend. I'm very outgoing and opinionated, you are sure to have fun with me. Learned from my mistakes, But never regret I would do anything for my MOM my hero and two sisters.

I play drums in a band and love jackson about music.

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