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Along with three of the other attackers, Singh is now appealing against his death sentence. While women are smart enough to want a man who is clearly there to stay, men like to worry about losing their women.

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Deceent will eventually stop trying to impress you and that's something you can never allow to happen. Leslee Udwin spoke to one of the rapists on death row while spending two years making a film about the case. Good girls, the strong and smart ones anyhow, are the pooking challenge. I couldn't recall another country, in my lifetime, standing up with such tenacity for women, for me.

Good seems easy to us, while bad seems more like a challenge; men love challenges.

And I knew at once that I simply had to use whatever talents and skills I had, to amplify their cries of "enough is enough! Of course, not.

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For me the truth couldn't be further from this - and perhaps their hanging will even mask fod real problem, which is that these men are not the disease, they are the symptoms. But first, allow me to clarify.

Related Topics. Men have managed to even incorporate the word "bad" into everyday language as a synonym for "sexy.

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llooking Men love danger. You constantly have to put in as much as you take out. I tried, really hard, to search for a glimmer of regret. I spoke to two lawyers who had defended the murderers of the year-old student at their trial, and what they said was extremely revealing. Good, on the other hand, sounds predictable.

Looking for a decent girlll

The men beat the friend and each raped the woman in turn, before assaulting her viciously with an iron instrument. Bad is naughty and naughty is sexy. As is often the case with extremely challenging endeavours where the human stakes are high, the main struggle for me was the emotional and psychological toll the work imposed.

Looking for a decent girlll

Sure, some men avoid gambling and taking any and all risk. He stood up, and with his eerie half-smile indicated a height around his knees. Until and unless the mindset changes, the cancer will thrive and continue to spread.

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These women will play straight arrows out in public, but once they get you behind closed doors, they unleash the beast. I know this sounds stupid, but men like that.

Looking for a decent girlll

They braved a freezing December and a ferocious government crackdown of water cannons, decejt charges, and teargas shells. I woke one morning on the shoot, wet from head to toe, bathed in sweat and fear and my heart knocking against my ribcage.

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Starting on the day after the rape, and for over a month, ordinary men and women came out on to the streets of India's cities in unprecedented s to protest. It was what followed. But guess what? When the boy child is nourished more than the girl, when a girl's movements are restricted and her freedoms and choices are curtailed, when she is sent as a domestic slave to her husband's home… If a girl is accorded no value, if a girl is worth less than a boy, then it stands to reason there will be men who believe they can do what they like with them.

And I am absolutely optimistic that we are now on the cusp of change.

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The giving of dowry is a legal offence, but many families maintain the custom nonetheless. About sharing In an Indian student was violently raped on a moving bus in Delhi and ffor of horrific internal injuries. This kind of stuff excites men.

Looking for a decent girlll

If men all got wiser, then all the good girls would be scooped up in an instant. Bad girls are mysterious by nature. Not deccent men want to gamble on a bad woman — we label these men mature and intelligent.

Looking for a decent girlll

We all know exactly the type of woman we ought to end up with in order to have a happy and healthy relationship. There was none. Men like to be forced to stay on their toes — we need it. The horrifying details of the rape had led me to expect deranged monsters. He was sitting throughout the interview and had a half-smile playing on his lips throughout - decet nervousness in the presence of a camera, perhaps.

Looking for a decent girlll

And in India the problem is not lack of laws - after all, India is a democracy and a civilised, rapidly developing country. For men, quite literally.

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Men choose the bad girl instead of the good girl four out of five times. When sweets are distributed at the birth of a boy, not of a girl. She came away shocked by India's treatment of women - but inspired by those seeking change. We call them wimps.

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