Swm seeking something old and new



Staffers at PersonalsTrainer.

Swm seeking something old and new

There's plenty of advice coming from other corners, too. And, she notes, some personal-ad cliches just won't die, like dreamy references to "walking on the beach," one's "soul mate" and "a twinkle in their eye.

Swm seeking something old and new

Keller says clients often don't provide enough material to work with. In an e-mail to PersonalsTrainers, the man said that while that was true, "Doesn't that make me sound like a total wimp?

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But Quattlebaum, for one, says there has been a lot more "e-courting" going on since she incorporated the suggestions, including changing her photo. A round of revisions is included in the price, and if clients still aren't happy, Keller says, he'll give the order to another writer. Take this gentleman's recent ad under the headline Carpe Diem: "Heya, I'm 30, 6'1", very athletic, overly educated, ambitious.

To women, she advises: "Leave your cat out of it.

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Smoking or closed-mindedness are not. He tried to flesh out what he saw as Quattlebaum's naughty-schoolgirl side.

How much resistance or eagerness is there to date someone from another race? Several factors have weeking the online growth, among them faster-paced lifestyles and a decline in the stigma of personals-driven dating. Aury Wallington, a year-old scriptwriter who worked on Sex and the City, cringes when she re that people are looking for someone "adventurous.

While dating advisers have been around for years, the recent uptick in the cottage industry of dating-ad counseling is a reaction to the explosion of online profiles pouring into services such as Match, Ole and Nerve. That's up from 34 percent in Tesauro, 32, interviewed Quattlebaum late someyhing night by phone, prodding her about everything from what she would wear to dinner to whether she might have sex on a first date.

Advertising copywriter Brian Hicks runs the weeklyscore.

Her original ad said her favorite on-screen sex scene was "Charlotte Gray. At personaladmakeover. Besides Dr. At Match.

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Judy Kuriansky. In his rewrite, he nixed space-wasters.

Since launching in November, PersonalsTrainer. One trainer had to follow up with 30 additional written questions before writing could begin. He says one man worried because his rewritten ad described him as wanting a woman to tell him what to eat, what to wear and where seekijg go on vacation.

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Then again, Susan Fox, whose Personals Work service in Boston also helps people write theirsays one client flooded her somethnig 80 s of her journal to sort through. I'm looking for a companion to share in all that life has to offer. Late last year, online date site Match.

Swm seeking something old and new

And who's not looking for a "companion to share in all that life has to olc Daphne Brogdon, the former host of the Perfect Partner dating show, is turned off by photos of guys posing next to big, fierce-looking dogs. Keller is building a network of writers.

Swm seeking something old and new

What differences zwm there between blacks and whites — which race is more willing to consider a partner from a difference race? Match says a survey of single people found that they were turned off by two particular flaws in personal they read: talking about exes, and poor spelling and grammar.

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What differences are there between the sexes? Creating a successful personal ad has always been an art, but these days, more people are making it their business.

Swm seeking something old and new

Still, Quattlebaum says, she toned down his rewrite in spots because she thought it made her seem too much the "sex vixen. Beauty, confidence, intelligence, ambition, and athleticism are sexy. In Tesauro's hands, that answer became: "A little roughhousing in Secretary made me want to take dictation, though Cate Blanchett's Charlotte Gray reminds me that passionate kissing is enough to make a girl tingle.

Before we delve ane the research, let me know your thoughts and predictions.

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